Perforating, Cased Hole Logging

                                        & Completion Services


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We employ latest equipment and state of the art technology to provide best in class Perforating, Logging, Pipe Recovery, and Mechanical Services.

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We have the best professional engineers and technicians with more than 15 years experience to support your jobs delivering best in class services:

Explosives & Hydraulic perforating
Cased Hole Logging & Pipe Recovery Services
Mechanical Services, Conventional & Thermal Completions

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Services for Drilling, Workover and Completion of Oil and Gas wells for both land & offshore applications:

Cased Hole Logging

- Gamma Ray & CCL logs

- Cement Bond and Radial Bond Images

- Well Integrity: Caliper, Magnetic Thickness

- PLT & ILT, Spectral Noise, Temperature

Sand Jet Perforating SJP

- Perforating with no explosives

- Better connectivity to your payzone

- Power Jet Tool SJP from TD Tools Inc.

- Flow Isolation Tube F.I.T. perforator

- One trip clean out & perforating:

GEOWELL_Services Catalog 2022_page17_image1

- Casing and tubing guns with shaped charges * explosives *

- Wireline & TCP operations

- Special charges, underbalance, anchors

Mechanical Services

- Plug & Packer Setting

- Dump Bailers

- Conventional & Thermal Completions

-Junk mills, junk baskets, motors & bits

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Pipe Recovery

- Chemical & Jet Cutters for tubing, drill pipe & casing

- Free Point Indicator

- Back off & Severing tools

- Sand Saber Cutting System from:


Sand Saber Cutting System

- Abrasive cutting tool

- Can be run in tubing from 2 3/8'' to 5 1/2'' Casing

- Creates a very smooth cut that makes retrieval easier